Wednesday, January 21, 2009

more nada - and some new software

2 tourneys tonight - a bubble and a 3rd for a glorious net of minus $4. One of those nights with endless runs of unplayable cards and bad situations, as you feel your forehead gets hotter with each passing hand. Then, after 50 hands, you see 2 broadway cards - AQ, and raise it up, only to have a tight player shove over you. Call an all-in with AQ? I think not. Ok, fold and start the treadmill again.... Very frustrating. Biggest pot won on the night was $400.

Anyway, that's not the news of the night - the news is a little software program I wrote to aid my SNG play. This program links up and Poker Tracker 3. What it allows me to do is copy the sharkscope stats of everyone at my table into the clipboard, paste them into my program, and then my program stuffs them into a "note" in poker tracker, which is accessible from the HUD. Here's a screenshot of the end result

You can see the little tooltip note that pops up - that becomes active when you click on the little yellow rectangle at the end of the second line in the HUD. This gives me instant access to their sharkscope stats at the table. Brilliant, no? I then go in and assign colors in Full Tilt to the player based on how good or bad I think they are. Mr Pirate in the upper right has a green color based on his excellent stats. Green means "very good" in my nomenclature. I use light green for 0-5% ROI, orange for negative 1 to negative 5 ROI, red for below negatvie 5 ROI, and purple for "small sample size, not sure yet".

I used to set the ROIs and colors by hand, which only takes a hand or two, but as I start adding tables played at one time, I might not have time for all this manual lookup and keying.

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