Saturday, February 28, 2009

a whimper...

Didn't feel very well tonight - was looking forward to knocking out 4-5 tourneys, but ended up calling it a night at one. Maybe I won't be avoiding the flu this year...

Bubbled again. No cards, people calling my steals, the usual drek. Kept the dogs at bay for awhile with my shoves as the shorty, but finally got caught shoving Q6 into the other small stack who got dealt 77.

Once again, SNG Wizard says almost all my plays were fine, and the few that were marginal or wrong didn't cost me. I'm still playing well, but I'll end up the month with a mediocre 6.48 ROI. I suppose I should be thankful that it's positive at all, especially with one cash in my last 12 tourneys.

My live game this month featured the big Mountaineer win, otherwise slightly down.

Tuesday marks the first year anniversary of playing my first online game (for real money). Maybe we'll do some sort of quick review.

Right now it's early bedtime.

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