Sunday, March 1, 2009

(big exhale here)

Took first place in a 9 man tonight - seems like forever since I did that. Thought I was dead on the bubble when I called the shorty with 99 and lost a race vs. AK and became the shorty myself. Fortunately someone called my all-in with JTs. I had the lovely K2, but stayed alive with king high as neither of us hit.

Won a race of my own (me KJ, him 88) to knock out the third place finisher, and then caught a lucky-ass 3 on the river in a heads up 33 vs. 99 battle to come back from the dead. The last hand of the night is one I don't think I've ever seen end a tourney - check it out below.

I needed a bit of luck this time around, but it felt good after losing 10 buy ins in the past 12 days. I will take it.

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bastinptc said...

Grump would be quick to point out the power of the mighty deuce-four.