Sunday, March 22, 2009

circling the drain

Ok, making lots of bad plays now. Today's play comes from the fact that I had a decent read on one player, but lost focus on the third player in the hand...

Full Tilt Poker, $20 + $2 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 50/100 Blinds, 7 Players - Hand History Converter
UTG+1: 995
MP: 845
CO: 2,660
Hero (BTN): 1,435
SB: 4,285
BB: 1,035
UTG: 2,245

Pre-Flop: (150) A 9 dealt to Hero (BTN)
4 folds, Hero raises to 250, SB calls 200, BB calls 150
I try out my new 2.5x raise on the button. Maybe it's too small, both blinds call.

Flop: (750) 7 J 4 (3 Players)
SB checks, BB checks, Hero checks
Total whiff, no need to CBet into 2 players....

Turn: (750) A (3 Players)
SB bets 100, BB calls 100, Hero raises to 1,185 and is All-In, SB folds, BB calls 685 and is All-In
SB bets very small on the ace. This player is an aggressive nut - so far I've seen him raise from early position with A3, and raise up a flop bet with AT when he hit his ace (he was up against AK and lost a bunch). I feel like he would be betting more with anything that beat A9 - and he might have even raised me preflop with a bigger ace. Unfortunately, I'm concentrating so hard on the SB, I fail to pay attention to what the big is doing. He's all in with me...

River: (2,420) T (2 Players - 1 is All-In)
Results: 2,420 Pot

Hero showed A 9 (a pair of Aces) and LOST (-1,035 NET)
BB showed J J (three of a kind, Jacks) and WON 2,420 (+1,385 NET)
... with a set of jacks.

My last hand of this tourney was another kick in the junk. I got it in with
JK (only 6 BB left) against a pair of nines. Of course a nine came on the flop, but so did 2 spades, so I had outs. My first reaction to the fifth spade on the turn was one of happiness, until I realized that it was the nine of spades, giving my opponent quads.

Tourney #2 was the type that makes you question why you play this game - I got dealt AA, and won with it, other than that I folded 49 of the first 50 hands due to unplayable garbage. Just an endless stream of T2 and other crap. With 7 BB left, I shoved my J3 small blind into the big, an equally tight player with an equally low stack. He called instantly with 44 and knocked me to nothing. I was out 3 hands later.

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