Sunday, March 22, 2009

report from the lines - still getting killed sir.

A study in 2 hands - Both a pair of jacks under the gun.

Hand 1 - JJ under the gun. Raise 3x, 2 callers. Flop comes K45r, the caller from the blinds bets the pot. I go away. Not knowing anything about his play, I simply have to believe he called this raise and hit the king.

Hand 2 - 2 orbits later. JJ again, again under the gun - let's try a limp/reraise. No raise comes - 5 callers instead. Great. Flop comes 234. I bet 200 into 300, and a beginning player shoves it all in. I figure him for a set, an ace with a gutshot, or an "overpair" under my jacks. In the end I decide I'm ahead of his range and call. He's got A4 for the made straight. Nice job.

Strange happenings, but it's not even 9pm, and I'm gonna keep playing.

Next tourney, whittled down again with no cards, UTG player opens for 3x, I have JJ again and shove over. He's got KK. Buh-bye.

I know there's no right way to play jacks, but this is getting silly now. Some of it bad luck - some more bad play by me. With the last JJ, the under the gun raiser was a good player with pretty low stats (12/8, maybe?). Anyway, I know he's on a pretty good hand there, but even if he's truly raising top 8% - I'm still 56% to win. With 13 BB and perhaps a bit of fold equity (AQ/TT/KQs?), that's a decent play, right?

I know I have some problems in my game that need fixing, but this isn't all about those problems. Just some variance having fun with me. 1 cash in my last ten tourneys - and the awesome start to my month has regressed back to merely good.

In blog news - my feedburner stats say that I went from 9 subscribers to only 2, which kind of bummed me out. Not that I'm really writing for anyone but myself, but I hoped (like most bloggers) to find some kindred spirits out there that might find some interest in my writing.

Maybe (probably?) I'm simply whining too much right now. I know for sure that I played down the terrific start to my month - brags aren't much better to read than whines, and of course I don't want to jinx the lucky roll (I've apparently failed in preventing that jinx).

Finally, in family news, we had our last indoor soccer game this afternoon. I help the coaches of my oldest daughter Gabby's U13 travel team. For some reason we ended the season playing a club team (very high level), and we ended up playing to a 4-4 tie. Head coach Rich was very proud of the girls, as was I. In a week or two we resume the outdoor league - so practicing in the cruddy Aprile Cleveland weather will become a new thing to look forward to in upcoming weeks.


Forrest Gump said...

In the second hand, why wouldn't you check and see what goes down behind you?

matt tag said...

good question. Tilt?

Nah - I think I'm betting for value here. I have limped with a strong hand that's very hidden. It seems that every time I do this lately, I get burned, though (I don't do it very often).

diverjoules said...

I know it is little or no compensation but I actually have a link to your blog on mine. ;-)