Thursday, March 19, 2009

One for my homeys

One of my local poker buddies, ylee, has started a blog here. He is in the early stages of switching to fixed limit hold'em from no limit. I enjoy the limit game as well, though I feel a bit lost in many situations where the right no limit move is to simply bet someone out of the pot with maximum aggression. Maybe ylee will elucidate me.

An update from last night- After my tilt-inducing trip to the rail (see prior post), I talked myself off the ledge for 30 minutes and jumped into two more SNGs, played at the same time. In one, I played pretty well throughout but bubbled making a truly awful ICM call with pocket deuces. Bad, bad, bad. In the other, I got the rare pleasure of knocking out 3 opponents with some big hands (set of kings vs AK, Aces vs top pair) and wielding a huge 6000 chip stack around like a mace. When 4 handed, all three opponents had under 1500 and I had 6000K. That's big fun. I took first in that tourney and made the night a positive one, adding one buy-in to my roll.

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