Wednesday, March 18, 2009

tilty tilterson here, what can I do for you?

You know, I can take the times when I get it all in with KK and I'm up against AA. I can even take the times when I get it all in with AA, I'm up against KK, and the King comes. Or when a great semibluff is called and then hits. I can take when I'm ICM shoving with Ace-rag and get called by Ace-King. I can take when I call an ICM shover with AK against his Ace-rag and then the rag hits. It's irritating - sure, but I can take it. These are often plays made by people playing good, correct poker and then watching the poker gods dictate the outcome.

What really, really frosts me, though - is a player who makes an unbelievable series of bad decisions - on the same hand - and then gets rewarded for it at the end.

My cards were good in my first tourney tonight - I had pocket Aces, Kings, and Queens early. The Aces and Kings held up. I folded the Queens in the presence of danger and ended up being up against quad sevens. I was playing pretty well. I was chip leader.

A maniac and all-around terrible player was splashing around like a nut. Minraises, limps, 5x raises - there was no rhyme or reason to it. He was showing down some real garbage, and his HUD stats reflected this.

I got pocket Queens and raised it up, and the nut job called. The board came 7 5 3. He checked - I bet, and he click-minraised. A set? Crap. Well, he was bad enough and crazy enough that I couldn't necessarily put him on a set. He could have Ace-Seven just as easily. I shoved it all in.

He called my shove - with nine-five offsuit.

Needless to say, I lost the hand.

Should I review? He called my 3x raise with 9-5o. I was a tight player, showing down big pocket pairs. My stats were something like 16/10. Then he checkraised me with middle pair, no kicker. Finally, in the face of overwhelming evidence that he was behind - he called my shove with 5 outs. A 4-1 dog. And he was rewarded for this string of idiocy.

As I said, I don't mind the whims of the poker gods when the play is good. But when a completely awful string of bad decisions is rewarded and knocks me to the rail - that's enough to send me to the moon.

To the moon, Alice!

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