Tuesday, April 21, 2009

donkey's lament

Limping with Aces is dangerous. You usually learn this when you limp in and the big blind flops two pair on you with 93 and you go broke

Someone limped with aces on me today. I had 66 in the big blind and went setmining. Then I hit my 6! Woohoo.

Too bad he hit his ace too. Set over set, I did the correct thing and went broke.

This donkey learned no lesson today.


bastinptc said...

I actually have been busted by 93off when I limped with Aces. Was it you?

matt tag said...

I don't believe we've ever been at the same table, sir, even on Poker Academy (you were way up in the upper levels, and I never got much past 1000 PAX).

Memphis MOJO said...

There's an exception (isn't there always?).

When it's late in a tournament and you are short-stacked, you might take the risk to try and double up. The difference here is that you don't have much to lose.