Monday, May 4, 2009

played great, kicked in the junk

tourney #1 - no cards early, down to nothing. Someone always raises on my button, I have nothing to call with and not enough to raise with. Fold, Fold, Fold.

From my small blind, I'm pushing J2, T7, Q5, barely staying alive. The player to my left is a good player, he's gonna start calling me light pretty soon.

Then, a goldmine - AQo in the small blind. I only have 6 BB left, so I'll be shoving over any raise or limp before me (they'll have correct odds to call), but I should be ahead.

Even better, the table folds to me again. Like I've done the past 4 times, I shove it all in. My read is perfect - the big blind does call me light - with A7 offsuit. Well played, sir - I'm a 2.7-1 favorite. The seven on the turn sends me to the rail.

Getting late - no time for a full tourney, so I jump into a 6 man. There are 3 bad-bad players in here. I get KK and flop a set but no postflop action.

The guy to my left this time is break-even and super aggressive. I'm down to around 1000 again. I raise from the small with A3. He calls, either trying to trap, or probably thinking he can outplay me.

I hit my Ace on the flop, along with a 6 8. No flush. I check, knowing he'll bet that ace. (if he actually has an ace, he would have likely reraised preflop). He bets it - all in. I call, knowing he doesn't have an ace.

I'm right - he's got 79o, and an open-ended straight draw. I got it in as a 2-1 favorite.

Jack on the turn. Buh-Bye.

Got all-in twice as a big favorite tonight, didn't work out either time. Shake your head and move on.

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Memphis MOJO said...

"Fold, Fold, Fold."

Ah, the "f" word.