Tuesday, May 5, 2009

time for another mental test, I guess....

Well, I guess it's time to test my will again.

Two losses tonight. One was just bad - a bad nut was at the table, 3 betting anybody with 2 paint cards. I 4 bet him with AK and he called. The flop came Q-rag-rag and he lead into me - I just snapped and shoved. He had KQ of course and had hit the 3 outer, but no reason for me to donk away my chips against a bad player with A-high.

The second tourney, though, was a killer. I get a short stack, good player to overshove my smallish raise. I have KK, he has A5. I hit a king on the flop and think I'm safe. Nope, runner-runner 8-9 gives him a one card straight.

I crawl back up to even with the lower stacks until I have fold equity again. I shove my button with A7. The big stack calls... with T3. ???? He immediately types "I misclicked, I meant to fold, I swear". I hit a 7 on the turn to pair up and take away half of his outs, but when the ten comes on the river, I barely blink. I knew it was coming.

Player replies "I guess it was just meant to be". I'm not proud of my parting, tilted reply as I signed off.

Guess I haven't had a bad run in awhile, so it's time.


Forrest Gump said...

Depending on how deep you're playing, I find it better to either smooth call or just shove against these opponents. By smooth calling, you can see a flop and snap him off if a K comes. Or by shoving, you're either flipping or in really good shape pre-flop. Building a big pot pre-flop then shoving with ace high isn't really a 3 outer IMO.

matt tag said...

you are correct - I botched this hand badly.

I often do smooth call with AK, and I even considered it here - what lead me to 4 bet was that there were still 4 players behind me yet to act.

The shove is also a better play than the way I handled it (though this guy would have probably called anyway and I would have lost, I would have played it better).