Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Birthday win

Things started badly last night - knocked out in 7 hands of my first tourney overplaying KJ against a bad player. He raised my big blind from the small, I defended - board came KK8. Do you ever fold there in a SNG? No way. He could be overplaying a pair (Aces/Queens/Jacks) - he doesn't have to have the last king.

But he did- KQ. Whoopsie.

Needed a change of pace, so I signed up for an 18 man, $11 tourney. I went down in level to hopefully get a few more inexperienced players at my table and improve my chances. This worked early - I was able to flop a set of sixes and win a decent pot to put me at 2400 or so chips early. Then the tables shuffled and it seemed like all the bad players were on table 2, and I was on table 1 with all the good players.

I did manage to win the tourney - some good practice for my live 30-45 man monthly tourney coming up tomorrow. I felt very "tuned in" to the action and the ability to put players on ranges of hands. I was also able to make some nice bubble moves, playing on people's fears of going out when there was a tiny stack at the table.

I am considering annotating the hand history for this tourney as an exercise - I will post it up if I decide to do so.

Tonight is our live cash game, tomorrow is the monthly tourney. Poker in my future, can't wait...


Memphis MOJO said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the win.

bastinptc said...

Happy belated.