Tuesday, June 23, 2009

the verdict is in...

Made a (renewed) vow to whine less in this blog about cardsw, so I'll keep it shut about the poker. We'll just say I was unlucky.

My trial completed this afternoon. It was a complex thing regarding a carjacking by two boys - we were on the trial of one of them. We could not find him guilty of 3 of the 4 counts - mainly because the prosecution could not put him at the scene of the crime as it occurred, only before and after. We did find the defendant guilty of one count of receiving stolen property (the car), and he will do jail time for this offense, but none of the great offenses.

I am glad for the experience of sitting on my first jury. All 12 of us seemed to take our duties seriously and try to follow the judge's instructions to our best ability. The best part was after the verdict was read, we were escorted back into the jury room and met with the judge and both attorneys, who questioned us on our reasoning and what details we felt were important in coming up with our decisions.

I felt like I helped the system work today- that was pretty cool.

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