Monday, June 15, 2009

perhaps I need some more work on the multitabling

I got knocked out of a tourney on the bubble - shoved KQ and got called by AK. As I was trying to click "No" for the FullTilt message about opening another tourney, my keyboard shortcuts helper moved my mouse cursor over to the other tourney I was playing, and I clicked on a button on my active tourney window, instead.


I had just called a raise, and a shove, with A4o. I was up against 88 and AK and did not survive that one, either.

Nice way to flush $22 down the toilet, dumbass.

To add some further irritation, the guy with AK who called me in the first tourney had earlier been knocked down to 90 chips, and made a stunning comeback with 4 or 5 double-ups. I added to his stack when I raised his big blind with A7 - putting him all-in. He called, with AK, and got his third consecutive double up.

So this guy shouldn't have even been left in the tourney, and he knocks me out of one, and then is part of knocking me out of a second one simultaneously (not his fault, obviously, but I'm going to blame him anyway).

Yup, poker is a fun game.

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