Saturday, July 25, 2009

blissfully unaware

Player #1 - stats 50/7, 2nd in chips.
Player #2 - 72/6, playing from every position, coldcalling raises, 5th in chips.

Take that all in - Player #2 is playing 72% of all hands.

my stats are currently 7/0.

Player #1 raises - unusual for him. Mr 72/6 calls of course. I've got AKo and could shove over them both, except Player #1 scares me a bit. He plays too many hands but doesn't raise many. I decide to wait for my ace or king and then commit if the board isn't too scary - I don't feel like I need to race yet, way too early.

Good news/bad news - I hit my K - but the board is all three clubs. I don't have the ace of clubs. I'm out of position and c-bet. Both donkeys call.

The turn gives AQ a straight. I'm now behind just about everything worth calling on this board, and everything Player 2 could have raised with. I check, Player #2 calls. I give up.

River is a blank - Player #1 bets again, Player #2 calls again. With 33. (a pair of fucking threes, he paid three streets of value with, on a mostly broadway, 3 club board.).
Player #1 shows AQ for the straight, with which he called my c-bet on a flop of three clubs, hoping to hit his gutshot, and hoping nobody had clubs. He hit it, and nobody had clubs.

10 hands later, steaming more and more as I watch the horror around me, I take my leave, with AK again. Mr.
72% limps in and raise 4x over him. Should have shoved (he still wouldn't have folded, though). Flop comes 246 and I c-bet all in. He calls with 68, with his 68 offsuit, and takes me down. Hits an 8 on the river for good measure.

Donkey-jealousy tilt - it's a biatch

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