Saturday, July 25, 2009

today's play on UltimateBet is brought to you by...

...getting caught on the river. I was caught 5 times in 75 hands (2 tourneys) today on the river.

I'm not exaggerating. I won't list them because I know it's boring and nobody cares about bad beat stories. I know about bad beats - they happen. They're supposed to happen at a statistically predictable amount, though - not 5 times in 75 hands. C'mon.

They say when a bad beat happens in a SNG, you fire up another one and move on. But when they happen over and over and over, that's pretty hard.

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James said...

Just getting on with things an forgetting it is the way to move forward. It is however a lot harder than it looks. i had a bad beat today of a reverse type to you today. the phone rang and it was my girlfriend i told her i would ring her back.

I ran back to my laptop to see KK being auto folded the pot ended up so big i would have been chip leader with 390 left(160 cashing). i got queens next hand and pushed(on tilt) got crack by some one who had me slightly covered and i was out.

from having should of been chip leader to crashing out in two hands all because my girlfriend rang. Now thats a bad beat.