Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Errata, and a good(?) line

Last night, while sitting in the donkey-fest with no cards, I tried hard to come up with an analogy. The best I could muster is this - I felt like Peyton Manning competing in a punt, pass, and kick contest with 8 year old boys, but nobody would give him a ball.

Meh. I'll keep working on it.

Also, I had some of the minor details incorrect in the straight over straight hand against Mr. Pietzak last Thursday. (Reread here). Specifically, I had the flop wrong. I had said that the flop came 8TK. Later I remembered that the king actually came on the river, making my existing straight better (though I didn't need it).

After requesting details from Mr. Pietzak's infallible poker memory, I now recall that the flop on this hand was 8T2, with two hearts. I still had the same gutshot with my Q9, and an overcard. Pietzak had 79 and the jack on the turn filled both our straights, but made the board flushy. Then the river brought the king, which put AQ ahead of me along with the flushes.

So I didn't have to consider AQ until the river, and by then this would have been an unlikely holding (unless it was AhQh, egads). I did have to worry about the flushes at the end, but my read proved sound and I earned 3 streets of value.

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