Monday, July 6, 2009

more of the same...

poker gods still got it in for me right now. I'm playing fine - I'm almost sure of it.

The only questionable play I can find from tonight was shoving an AK, but even this was ok - this table was the most objectionable set of poker half-wits you would ever want to see. I saw all ins with A7 and KQ and 55 (in the second blind level). I watched someone call a preflop raise with A3 (and see a 245 flop, naturally) and break AQ.

I was losing it. When I saw a raise (from Mr. A3), then a 3bet, I went all in. (Tried just calling with AK early tonight too - another disaster). The 3-bettor had AA, not much I can do there.

For a luck changer, I played in a $10 matrix tourney. Took a third place and a second of the four. Got sucked out on 3 times in those two matches:

99 vs 95s - he hit a flush
on the river
AQ vs. Q9 - hit his 9 on the river
AA vs. 89 - trip 8s won this one

Sounds like a sob story, I know - sorry. My mood is good right now considering my bad luck, so I'm really not whining - but I do find these horrific runs of luck interesting if nothing else. My little luck calculator says my luck is running at -122 BB since June 1. That's awful luck, right?

Keep crankin...

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