Tuesday, August 18, 2009

back in action, the fun starts early.

First game back from my 48 hour self-imposed break is a wild one. 4 players out of actions in the first 15 hands - I haven't played a hand yet.

At hand #23, I try a blind steal with 53o. The big blind calls - he's been in nearly every hand.

The miracle flop - 339, two clubs. I lead out, he raises. I shove. He's got Jc2c - flush draw, I'm a 2-1 favorite with a boat redraw. Turn comes club, river comes crap, and I'm gone - knocked out by J2 sooted.

Yep, he called a raise with J2s, from a player raising his first hand of the tourney.

Second tourney. Playing fine for awhile, then get 99 in the big blind. It's limped to me, I raise. Donkey calls. Flop comes jack high. He leads, I raise. He calls, then minbets a blank turn. I call. River is another jack and he bets the pot, now almost my entire stack.

Let's see. Lead out, call raise. Minbet turn. Big bet on river when top card pairs. Sounds like a busted draw to me. I call.

Nope. Jc2c.

Jack of Clubs, 2 of Clubs. AGAIN. I got beat by the same ridiculous, garbage hand twice in consecutive tourneys. In raised pots, people called me twice with that garbage, and hit the flop enough to snap me off.

Is that second call a tilt call? Maybe it is. I felt tilty after the first J2 beat, but I didn't overplay anything. I stayed tight in the second tourney. My adrenalin was racing by the river of the second hand, but I felt like I thought through the possibilities and made a call based on what I saw. My read was obviously wrong, but was it born out of frustration and tilt, or just a bad read?

That's why this game is hard.


bastinptc said...

You forget: Jack/deuce never looses. Clearly, in both cases players are assuming a certain range for you and hoping to hit a flop hardish. It seems to work against tight aggressive players as I get clobbered by such shit as well. I have to say that in both hands I'm giving them credit for hitting their hands and backing down, regardless of reads. That may instead make me weak tight, but so be it.

matt tag said...

you're giving these villains too much credit. Both players were "no foldem holdem" types.

As for backing down and giving them credit for hitting their hand - I think you can make a case for doing this in hand #2. Just fold second pair at the end and find a better spot.

But in hand #1, I have hit well-disguised trips. Remember, this is a sit-n-go, not a deepstack cash game. Trips=immortal nuts in SNGs, there's no "backing down" once you hit three of a kind, except perhaps on the worse boards imaginable (9dTdQd with a set of nines).

Anway, I also was a 3-1 favorite when the money went in on that hand, give me that all day.

Memphis MOJO said...

The first one you played great, but were just sucked out on. Wouldn't you play it the same, even in deep stacks? You have to win chips, and when you're 3:1, that's the time.

diverjoules said...

No concellation but I too lost trip TTT to Jh2h last night. I guess the random number generator has fallen in love with J2 lately.