Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a win, a win.

Took first place tonight, only the third time in 41 tourneys this month. After the win, I just called it a night after only 1 tourney - I wanted to go to bed with a good feeling for the first time in a long time.

Not sure I did much differently - just got some cards and they held up. Had someone shove into my raise with aces - he had AK. Took down a few pots postflop. I did play well heads-up - started the match down 10K-3K, ground my way up to take the lead, then put it away when I called AJ vs. his KT shove.

There is one thing I tried in this tourney that's not one of my regular plays. I made this move twice and it worked both times

Full Tilt Poker, $10 + $1 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 25/50 Blinds, 6 Players - Hand History Converter
BB: 2,600
UTG: 850
MP: 3,135
CO: 1,155
BTN: 4,060
Hero (SB): 1,700

Pre-Flop: (75) A Q dealt to Hero (SB)
3 folds, BTN raises to 150, Hero calls 125, BB folds

Button was in many pots - a 35/10 guy at the time (20 hands in). AQ is too weak to fold, but I don't want to 3 bet with it and build a big pot - too early in the tourney for that.

Flop: (350) K 7 4 (2 Players)

A miss. However, no draws to chase - no reason to call without a king. Any pair under King has gotta be scared. Lots of whiffed Ace-x's here. Let's lead out and see what happens.

Hero bets 225, BTN folds
Results: 350 Pot
Hero mucked A Q and WON 350 (+200 NET)

I very rarely donk into the raiser like that - my default play is to check, with or without hitting that king. My sudden aggression, out of position, won me this pot and one other like it. Not something I want to do for a living, but this was a good opportunity to try it out (dry flop, button raiser could have very wide range).

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