Monday, August 31, 2009


My home PC died Friday afternoon, (perhaps coincidentally, perhaps not) during a thunderstorm. I spent much of Saturday trying to revive it, with no luck. The PC guru at work says fried motherboard. And out of warranty, too. NICE. The good news is that the hard drive is fine - I have lost none of my data.

I was planning on buying a new PC in October, anyway, when Windows 7 was released - I just have to move up the timetable now. Just clicked "Submit Order" on a new Dell XPS 630, which should arrive no later than - gulp! - September 13.

How the hell am I supposed to play poker online with no computer??!?

(Eh, I could probably use the break).


bastinptc said...

You have my sympathy.

Kristoffer said...

fried motherboard?

Memphis MOJO said...

Bummer, but at least you saved your hard drive.

I bought an external hard drive and once a month (or so) I back everything up (my desktop computer is 6 years old wh/ is 140 in computer years).

diverjoules said...

Sept. 13th.. What the heck. Those things should be flying to a delivery vehicle asap. Two weeks is just obscene in todays age of instant gratification. How barbaric. LOL.. GL with the new PC. May this one have a the doomsday switch disabled.

Forrest Gump said...

Matt, you use your computer during thunder storms...?


matt tag said...

I wasn't home, but it was on