Sunday, August 23, 2009

that word - I don't think it means what you think it means.


"A dominated hand is one in which you have a much stronger hand consisting of one card that is the same rank as one of your opponennt's cards as well as another card that is higher than his card. Usually in this situation, your opponent must hit one of the three remaining cards in the deck matching his second card to win".

My two knockouts tonight:

AhJs vs. Ac4h. Final board 3K4K4.
AsKc vs. Ad6h. Final board Q6T37.

Chance of losing both of these hands: 7.4%.

Sigh. Couple these two knockouts with a second place finish, another negative night for me. If I turn that second into a first, the night looks much better - but I'm having big big troubles with that right now, as we have seen.

Felt like I played very well tonight. I'm not sure about the AK hand above. I had 9.3 BB. Instead of shoving all in (into 5 players), I made a normal raise, intending to call anyone's reraise. I wanted hands like A6 to call me or shove over, right?

Then, on the flop, I made a pot size, all-in c-bet, and the villain called with bottom pair, and I was gone. I knew I was shoving any flop, but technically I got my money in with the worse hand here.

Do I tip my cap to the player who called a preflop raise with A6 and then an all in with bottom pair? Or was he just another superdonkey who got lucky I didn't have KK?

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"He's STILL alive??"