Saturday, August 15, 2009

trying some new things...

Attempted an 18 man and a 45 man tonight. No luck though. Took 10th place in the 45 man, which sounds ok, but the entire tourney boiled down to a triple up with AA and a double up after flopping a straight with KQ against TT (he hit his set for part of my straight, so of course I had to sweat the board pairing). Other than that, nuttin, nada, zilch.

In that tourney, I took my stand with ATs against a big stack who was pushing people around, but he had QQ this time.

I did get a bit tilty in the 18 man, just hand after hand of garbage, but it didn't affect my play ( I don't think). I attempted another semibluff shove against a very tight player - had J9 in the big blind, flop was 79T. I checked, there was a weak leadout bet and a call, so I put my dwindling stack in, but the small blind had flopped two pair and had to call. So my new pattern seems to be semibluffing into hands that are too strong to fold.

In total, I think my mood has stayed pretty good while I try to grind this
out. But I also think I might need a couple days off. I have some evening work I have to get done anyway, so the timing is right.

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