Monday, September 7, 2009

Bike Ride

My father bought a motorcycle this month. He has been without one for 15 years now, and has missed it horribly. My father and mother got on better financial footing recently, and he was able to go out and find a used Vulcan that he liked.

My sister and I met at his house this morning and went on a nice 75 mile ride, family style. The rain stayed away and we were able to tool around for a couple hours and enjoy the day.

I was not as lucky avoiding the weather on the way home - the skies opened up and I get soaked. I had to stop at a gas station for about 45 minutes when the rain got extra-hard - then I made the rest of the 40 mile trip in regular rain.

I mostly kept away from the online poker. I played one tourney last night, which I won, and one tonight, which I bubbled because Ace-Friggin-King can't catch a pair when calling all-ins vs. TT or 66. I had a large stack and felt it necessary to call two overshoves vs. the hands above, and lost them both. Both were correct plays with fine odds, neither worked out. All-righty-then.

The tourney that I won was remarkable in the fact that nothing unremarkable happened Bad players got their money in bad against me and lost. I put pressure on medium stacks on the bubble and built my stack up.

When heads up, I felt that I was more experienced than my opponent, and stuck with ultra-small-ball. I folded almost every big blind, even stuff that's playable heads-up like middle kings or unsuited connectors. I mixed up raises and calls from the small blind, keeping him on his toes. This player never checkraised, so I could bet every time he checked and fold every time he bet. I was able to bide my time and keep the stacks close until I hit a king high flush and wacked his top pair, then I laid on the gas pedal a bit more as a bigger stack until I knocked him out.

1-2-3-simple stuff.

My computer arrives in 2 days.

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Memphis MOJO said...

You guys look great in the photo! Thanks for including it. Sorry it rained on you.