Sunday, September 6, 2009

Looking through the tiny window

I am still computer-less, and am typing out this post on my 10 year old's PC. It has a single 17" LCD monitor, which seems very cramped when compared to my dual 24" widescreen rig upon which I usually run. My new PC arrives Wednesday from Dell, and will take a night or so to set up, so I probably won't get back to any serious online poker until late next week.

I'm not missing it terribly, to be honest. The combination of poor play and poor luck makes it feel much more like work than it should, especially when grinding out one or two low-stakes sit-n-goes at a time. There should be a little bit of joy in your hobby - the online portion of my game has brought very little recently.

The live poker has been better to me. I already described my nice cash game night last Thursday - and even the last 2 live tourneys I played, while both ending in disheartening losses, gave me challenges both in game and post game (analyzing my play) that stimulated my mind and provided their own reward in learning opportunities.

Some non-poker content - I attended my 25 year high school class reunion last night - a somewhat impromtu affair held in a large bar/restaurant near my high school, on the other side of town (for non-Clevelanders, the city is split into "East Side" and "West Side", and it is somewhat rare for people to cross over and reside on the opposite side from whence they came. I am one of those somewhat rare people).

A good turnout for the reunion - probably 50-70 ex-high schoolers all-told - most from my graduating class of 1984, and a few from neighboring classes as well. Always nice to see some old faces and reconnect. It's also interesting to hear comparatively exotic life stories of my peers who were more adventurous than I was - making their way to the West Coast after graduation, or starting up their own business. Don't misunderstand - no regrets here - I take great pride and seriousness in "merely" being my kids' dad - but I realize that my life's story is not one that will be optioned off for Hollywood moviemaking anytime soon.

I had some fun, but not too much, and woke up with a decent night's sleep and a nice do-nothing-holiday-Sunday weekend in front of me. I briefly considered perhaps an afternoon large online tourney, but decided that I can let it wait a big longer.

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