Monday, September 28, 2009

grinding again

Played three tonight.

An 18 man that I bubbled in 5th. Final hand was my JJ vs. his A7. Got it in good....

A nine man that I bombed out in 7th. A strange tourney where nobody went out until the 50/100 blind level.

A nine man that I took second place. Hit quad tens while all-in on this one (my TT vs. shorties A7). Final hand was interesting, too - my As8s vs. his Qh9s on an all heart board, 8 high. My top pair vs his flush draw and 2 overcards - he was actually a 52% favorite there, but my all-in is easily warranted considering all the hands he would have to fold on that board. He hit his flush on the river. Well-played by both parties, I think.

Profit on the night - $10.

update: lol at myself for dubbing 3 tourneys, 2 at the same time, "grinding", when comparing to the guys who play 12 tables at a time.

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