Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bad playing all around

tried a 45 man tonight. I started well but made a bad mistake that cost me all my chips. I was focused on this one bad player. So bad. Very very bad.

The first hand of the tourney was a three way all-in between A9o, K3s, and T7s. Good times. T7s hit a seven and tripled up. He played over half the hands, raising preflop calling to the river with any ace, or any draw, no matter how slight. I so much wanted to win some of his chips. His first hand triple up became an average stack in no time.

I limped with 55. He minraised. A player in the blind called, and so did I. Good news/bad news on the flop - I hit my 5, but the board was all clubs. The blind checked to me, and I bet hard - knowing the donkey bad player would call with worse than my set. He folded, but the big blind called my big bet.

Here is the point where I make my error - I don't shift my plan. I was not playing against bad player anymore, so I should have shifted my plan. That check-call should have set off some warning bells.

Turn came, no club. Big blind checks - I figure he's on the club draw and I've really only got a pot size bet left in my stack. I push and he calls right away with 6c9c. I've got 10 outs to boat up but do not, and he has slowplayed his flush right into all my chips.

Horrible play by me there. I've got position and therefore the ability to control the pot size. All I have to do is check behind. I might even pay off a small river bet to the flush, but my stack is still intact. Nope, I pushed all my chips in as a big underdog. Pretty bad.

Fired up an 18 man afterwards - that didn't go much better. Again, so many bad players at the table. I'm not even sharkscoping at the moment because my subscription is running out, but I'm finding I don't always need it. When you see a guy cold call a raise with K7s, and play 6 of the first 8 hands, you really have all the information you need).

In this one, someone raised me and I shoved my last 13 blinds in with big slick. I had plenty of fold equity, but he called with 8Ts anyway and knocked me out. Eight-Ten-Suited was good enough to risk 13 blinds on!

One more try - a 9 man. Bad cards, bad cards, bad cards, but then I made a little run while 5 handed and kept myself in the game for awhile. It was just enough to pull me off that sinking, tilting depression and bring back a bit of my confidence - that is until I made another borderline play - this time an ICM call with AT. The pusher had KK and knocked me out.

Of course, it's tilting enough for an aggressive player to wake up with KK just as you decide to take a stand - but you really have to analyze your call against the range of things he might be pushing with before you decide if you made a mistake or not. SNGWiz says my call is ok if pusher is shoving over 30% of his hands, and that seems high to me for this particular situation, so I think this was another clear error. When I dial up what I think is his most likely pushing range, Wiz says I can only call with 99+ and AK. Yikes.

The rest of the bubble looks pretty clean according to Wiz - a couple hands they mark as "mistakes" - one of them was shoving with 72o into the small stack! Although mathematically correct, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. There are sometimes table dynamics reasons why I won't shove a really weak hand - like maybe I shoved the hand before. Anyway, I think I'll give myself a pass at failing to recognize this situation.

So I played fine until the end. For SNGs, it only takes one mistake.

I'm not lucky or good right now.

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