Saturday, October 17, 2009

Suburban Adventures

Compared to my fellow blogger bastin, my life is pretty dull. He gets to regale you with tales from the farm, taking care of the ducks, status of the crops, interesting photography. My tales are almost always poker because, quite frankly, there ain't much else going on. For once, this week, though - the mundane gave way to the note-worthy Friday morning.

Our nutty dog Carmine rules the backyard with an iron paw. No foreign animals allowed past the gate. He has chewed up three or four toads this summer - usually getting sick along the way.

Friday morning, I was sitting on the couch while the wife was calling him in from the back door. Then her voice got a little higher and more excited as she told him "Carmine, stop, stop". Then, a high pitched shriek! This was no toad.

I shot up and hightailed it to the kitchen. My wife looked shaken - I figured he had nabbed himself a rabbit or some "cute" critter and the wife was not pleased. But it wasn't a rabbit - it was a vole - Carmine had it in his mouth. Worse yet, when Janet yelled at him, he whipped his head up, and the vole shot out of his mouth and came tumbling towards her, still alive and squeaking for its life. The airbound vole hit her in the shoulder and landed on the deck, at which point Carmine scooped him up for another round.

By the time I had gotten up off the couch, the incident was over - the vole was dead and on the patio. I grabbed Carmine's collar so he wouldn't swallow it down, and brought him inside. Then I collected poor Mr. Vole and disposed of him.

The wife was duly shaken by having a live rodent chucked at her.

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Forrest Gump said...

I had no idea what a vole was until now. Then again, the idea of a rodent with oversize yellow teeth was also an eye-opener. And people say we have strange animals...