Tuesday, October 6, 2009

losing races

3 losses tonight. My cards were not good enough to win anything, and I lost all the races when desperate. My TT vs his KQ lost, my AQ vs. his 88 lost, my JK vs. his 77 lost. I think they were all ok plays.

The TT was the trickiest - I was not totally desperate, and a tight player (17/5) open raised from under the gun. I was right behind him - lots of players to act behind me. None of my options sound correct. Folding is too weak, so is calling with under 15 BB. Shoving seems the best, although I had 5 people behind me.

I could be crushed - he's definitely not folding a pair higher than TT, and I'm pretty much racing the rest of his range. Can I get anything to fold? I think AJ/AT fold, maybe even AQ. I wouldn't even put KQ in his range, but that's what he had, and he called all-in with it, too. Seems like a hand that could be easily dominated, and therefore a bad play. It worked out for him, though - he hit two pair on the flop.

The other two races were standard.


Forrest Gump said...

I'd grumble and fold the TT - assuming the rest of the table is relatively soft as this seems marginal to me. I'm much happier shoving an unraised pot in the cutoff with 75s. If i get called I'm still likely 40-60 but with TT there's a good chance either the UTG raiser or someone behind has you at best racing or crushed.

matt tag said...

your logic is sound - I'm not good at these "grumble and fold" situations late in SNGs. Definitely an area to improve.