Monday, October 5, 2009


Played a great deal of poker tonight. Lots and lots.

Things were not going well early. Bad cards, good hands dominated, losing races - you know, all the usual stuff. But I got the ultimate comebacker with a 1st place finish in an 18 man.

The end was so sweet - there were three of us, one big stack and two little stacks. The big stack did not know how to use his chips - he kept limping into pots, then betting pot. You know, allowing us to hit. Sadly, I couldn't hit anything.

Finally, I shoved A6 and the other small stack called me with A2. I avoided the suckout and crippled him.

In the next hand, the big stack limped again, knowing the guy I just beat had less than 1 BB left. He put it in, and I checked QT. I flopped an open ended straight draw, and the dumbass big stack bet pot again, unaware of the concept of implicit collusion. I should have folded, but my recent double-up allowed me to peel off one card, and... I hit the straight! Dumbass big stack bet pot again, I shoved over him, he called with top pair, 3 kicker, and I doubled up while knocking out #3. We were about even in chips.

Very next hand, I hit top pair of aces and checkraise him all in. He calls with second pair of kings. Just like that I had almost all the chips. I dispatched him 2 or 3 hands later.

I went from fighting for my life to whacking the big stack in like 3 hands. It felt good - real good, and turned my early October numbers around.


Memphis MOJO said...

You're right, that is sweet. Good job.

diverjoules said...

Congrats Matt. Good going. Doesn't it make you wonder how he got that far into the tourney though. Limping and pot betting.. Was there no one brave (ok foolish) enough to look him up?