Friday, October 16, 2009

Metallica review - Oct 15, 2009, Cleveland OH

My friend and I stayed at the nearby Winking Lizard and had a few cocktails, so we missed the opening band, Gojira. They are shaded just a bit too far on the growly/screamy side for my tastes, so I wasn't disappointed.

Next on the bill was Lamb of God, who I also usually avoid, but they sounded very good and tight, and their music was quite hook-y. The mix was also a sane, safe volume - the crew wasn't trying to blow the doors off of the arena, for which my aging ears were thankful.

Metallica took the stage at 9 pm, and opened with the opening track on their latest album "That Was Just Your Life", followed by the next track on the same album "The End Of the Line".

They then traveled back into their catalog and played "Harvester of Sorrow" and "Sad But True".

I don't remember the entire set, sorry. From the new album, they also played "Broken, Beaten & Scarred", "The Day that Never Comes", "Cyanide", and "The Judas Kiss". Older stuff included "Master of Puppets", "Hit the Lights", "Seek and Destroy", "One", and "Enter Sandman".

What impresses me about Metallica is their musicianship. Metallica songs are not 3-power-cord repetitive numbers- they are fast-paced, multiple-changes, machine-gun-staccato affairs that require all four band members playing in unison, and this band pulls it off effortlessly - often wandering around the huge "in the round" style stage, not even looking towards each other, as they blast out a complex riff in 1/32 time.

They are impressive.


bastinptc said...

Yeah, baby!

Anonymous said...

i was front row for this show i have seen metallica many times they were better than ever. dyers eve from and justice was incredible they really are better than ever

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice shot of the random fan -- looks like he's enjoying himself!