Thursday, October 15, 2009


Stayed home from work yesterday - the last in my family to get sick. By evening, I felt like my low fever had broken, and although I didn't feel 100% this morning, I hauled my butt to work.

No cash game tonight - attending the Metallica concert instead (yes, I'm an aging headbanger). Tomorrow I've got a live tourney with the CPMG. Next week the schedule should get back to normal, with live poker on Thursday and Friday.

And the week after, it looks like a road trip to Mountaineer is in the offing, for some casino-pokering. Yee-haw!


bastinptc said...

GL on all fronts.

Forrest Gump said...

Cool, another Metalli-fan. I used to play air guitar in front of the mirror to 'Four Hourseman' when i was a youngster. It was the reason i eventually picked up a guitar. Let us know how the concert goes.

diverjoules said...

Come play the bounty tourney next Friday Matt. Signup if you want to play. It usually fills up.