Monday, October 12, 2009

Sevens as an overpair = power.

didn't feel like getting too deep into multiple tourneys last night, so I fired up a single 18-man, and ended up winning the thing.

Got my needed double-up by raising with 77 and getting a caller from the blinds - looked to be a bad player that might get himself into a rough situation. The board came 6 high and he lead out. My "overpair" might be crushed by eights or nines, but it seemed like the best chance I had to this point, so I went for it and got a call by A6. "top pair" vs. "overpair" was never so weak.

At the final table, the player to my right was a 9000+ tourney grinder - he was stealing and re-stealing liberally. I caught him trying to take my blind once with AQ, 3 bet over him, he folded. The second time, I three bet all in again, this time with a weaker ace - he called with Q8 and my ace high held. I hate those pot odds calls like he had to make, I actually stop stealing with garbage when the stacks to my left are such that I will be compelled to call their shoves because of pot odds. Actually, in this tourney, I don't think I stole the blinds much at all - the players to my left were calling too often and their stacks were set up for them to shove over me too easily. It was an ABC poker game, for the most part.

I eventually got heads up with a beginner player who didn't speak much English - I think I could have beaten him, but the blinds were so high that it was going to come down to a lucky A5 vs. KJ type-hand, and I was tired. I got him to agree to a chop - 131 for me, 120 for him (based on stacks at the time), and was able to stuff a second first place finish in an 18-man under my belt this month.

In non-pokery news, my entire family has gotten either the flu or a bad cold this past week. I have somehow avoided it to this point. The wife and younger one are over their ailments, the Gabber needs one day off of school today and I think she'll be ready to go. In dodging getting sick with the rest of my household, I feel like I've gotten to fourth street with the better hand - I just need to avoid the suck out on the river.

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