Monday, October 12, 2009

we know it's unfair, but...

I haven't been 2-outed in awhile. This one hurt badly. Aggro-monkey to my left, 50/30-type stats, pushing, pushing. His stack went way up, then back down when he would push into trouble. I actually doubled through him when I button-raised preflop with 97 and hit two pair. We got it all in because he had T8 with a pair and an open ended straight draw. He avoided ending my tourney early by not hitting one of his 13 outs.

His bet sizes told me how strong his hand was. 2x was not strong, 4x was. He bet 2x under the gun. I had ATs in the big blind and was the only defender. I hit my ace and checked, 100% sure he was going to bet. He did, and I checkraised him all in. I figured he would fold with no ace, or call with a worse ace, but he did even better - he called.... with pocket eights. A beautiful setup, well-conceived and executed, but the river eight denied me the satisfaction of victory.

I did get one more double-up after that to stay alive, but the monkey got the final laugh by taking me out with sevens against my ace-rag shove.

He was all-in as a 70-30% dog twice in the tourney, and the 90-10 dog to me, and survived them all. No justice.

Two other tourneys - no help there, either. I actually 3-out sucked out on someone, but I only had 3 blinds left after losing a race, so it just brought my stack up from pitiful to desperate.

Looks like a made a big mistake in the last one - I had the huge stack to my right, pushing into my puny stack over and over. I finally took a stand with KT - he happened to have A9. SitNGo Wizard says my call is bad (very bad, in fact) unless he's pushing about 55% - a ridiculous number, but it's hard to get put all-in four times in a row and then fold a top 15% hand. Guess I need more work on my ICM game.


bastinptc said...

"No justice."

A concept best left out of one's game strategy.

diverjoules said...

I feel your pain brother.