Friday, November 13, 2009

quick hitter

tired tonight, so I caught up on some TV, then logged in for 50 quick capped cash game hands.

I sat down with 2 players I had played 100+ hands with before, except now I had my new HUD, and it immediately won me money from both.

Guy to my right raised my blind twice in a row. Checked his steal blinds percent - 38%. That's high. Shoved over him with pocket eights - he folded. He also stopped raising from the button.

(to be fair, I might make this same play with pocket eights and an unknown read, but the high steal percentage makes me more confident that he's raising with garbage much of the time).

Later, guy on the other side of the table limped - his stats were 38/6. Lots of limping. My new "limp then call a raise" stat said he only called 33% of the time. I figured the sample size was too low, but I hovered over the stat and said it was 10 calls out of 30 limps-then-raised-behind.

So he's a speculator, and he folds to preflop pressure. I had K8s and raised- he folded.

I also hit set over set and won a stack, and cashed out in 50 hands with a 40 BB profit.

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diverjoules said...

Would love to see this HUD in action once. I hear people talk about it all the time.