Tuesday, November 17, 2009

bit o this, bit o that

Pietzak was in the mood to challenge me to some 6-max tourneys tonight. I bombed out of 2 (got my money in good both times) but we made it heads up in the third, and he prevailed. Second place money for me.

Add to that 288 hands of the capped 6-max ring game and a profit of $16.39, and my net profit on the night was a cool $10, thank you much. Not bad considering I had overpairs cracked twice by unpaired undercards in the tourneys, AA vs J7, and QQ vs. 74s. Love that Pietzak.

Reviewed the times I got stacked in the cash game.

1. All in with QQ vs AQ, got nailed by a straight. Bad luck.

2. Tried to steal blinds with 67s, got called from BB. Flop was J45, bettor lead out into me. I raised all-in as a semi-bluff, he called with KJ. Aggressive play, had fold equity and 8 outs to a winner - don't have a problem with this hand.

3. Raised AhQd, got called. Flop was all diamonds (TJ3), no pair for me. C-Bet and got called. Turn was 8d, we both checked. River paired the board with a ten. I checked and player shoved. Should have folded, but I called with the queen high flush. Player had 88 and hit his set on the turn and boat on the river. Bad call by me here - there wasn't a whole lot I was beating. This one cost me the most as it was the one time I got stacked in the .25/.50 stakes (the others were all .10/.25).

So certainly a bad play, but the rest was good. Some suckouts prevented a nice profit, but I still came out up a few bucks, so I'll take it.


bastinptc said...

I've said it before (or intimated it, anyway), welcome to where the money is...cash games.

Forrest Gump said...

What do you think of checking rather than c-betting the AQ? What's your cbet frequency generally? For me, I cbet much much less in cash than in tournaments.


matt tag said...

I'm cbetting just over half the time - I think that's low, honestly. Might be a leak.