Saturday, December 26, 2009


a quick, awful 203 hands this afternoon, where everything about it stank. The cards stank, the flops stank, my steals stank. I think I lost every showdown except one, and that was a chop where we both ended up playing a full house on the board.

Pietzak conned me into joining a knockout super turbo, which might be the most ridiculous form of poker I ever saw. 5 minute blinds and you start with 10 (300 chips). A total, unmitigated luck-fest.

I did double up by getting dealt AA - the guy on the other end with KK is probably not so happy right now. Then I doubled up again with AQ vs. some fool who called me with 85s. Then I had enough to make a standard raise with KQ, and someone shoved over me. I figured he probably had an ace, but he could just as easily have a pair or KJ and I figured I was probably flipping a coin vs. his whole range. Knowing you had to get lucky anyway, I flipped the coin, and he showed AT. He hit an ace on the flop that he really didn't need and gone I was in 27 hands.

I could have picked a random NFL game and bet against the spread and had the same chances that I did in that thing.

By lasting 27 hands, I actually finished in the top half.

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