Sunday, December 27, 2009

change o plans

well, I planned on getting in 500 or hands tonight, when Full Tilt decided GO DOWN. We're at about 2 hours downtime so far and counting.

So I fired up a SNG on my other site. Now I know why I don't like SNGs as much - the bad beats just tear you up, because they often mean you're out of the tourney.

I held QQ four times tonight while four handed. The first, the opponent had aces. Ok, not a bad beat, but the chance of someone having bullets when you have queens at a 4 handed table? Sick. The second was QQ vs AQ, he hit his ace. The third was QQ vs. AQ again - he hit his ace, then I hit my queen! Sick again.

Then, when heads up, I held QQ again, flopped a set, then turned FREAKING QUADS. There was a flush on the board, and of course full houses with the board paired, but I couldn't get a nibble, even on a third pot river bet. Phooey.

So all 4 QQ handed were improbable endings.

Took second in the SNG, not too shabby. The cash game started off badly, so I was down a few bucks there. I have some studying I need to do on the cash game - I'm not sure I'm happy with my results there.

We'll see if Full Tilt is back up tomorrow.

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