Sunday, December 6, 2009

vacation is over

I played 3762 online cash game hands (all capped, either .10/.25 or .25/.50), and won a total of.....

$17.35. Yeeesh. 0.90/hour.

We can add to that the $72 I won in the only SNG I played, and the $800 I won in the live tourney, and take away the $27 I lost in the live Thursday game, and it looks like was a profitable week. $862.35 earned playing poker on my vacation. Works for me.

Got some real life stuff coming up this week - kids Christmas concerts, and back into the job grind, so I'm guessing my online play will be low this week.

WIDTIMGT: Nothing really. Played only 200 hands tonight, didn't do any reading or watching videos. I continued on my uber-tight play in UTG and UTG+1. I folded ATs and 55.

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