Saturday, December 5, 2009

Small losing session today - ran into pocket aces twice - not much you can do there. Played fine.

WIDTIMGT: I folded KQo, KJ and AJ under the gun (at a six max table). I am also going to open-fold pocket pairs 22-66 under the gun. Thinking about AQ also.

Did a bit more studying of KJ - turns out I win all money on this hand in position, and lose it all out of position. Go figure.

AQ is still an anomaly - losing from everywhere. In a capped, 6 max game, this is odd. I'm calling it small sample size right now.

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OhCaptain said...

AQ is the hand of the devil. It should be folded at every opportunity and never played. Unless of course you are in league with the devil, then I'd say enjoy the ride :)