Friday, December 4, 2009


Introducing a new segment here on the blog - "What I did to Improve my game today", or WIDTIMGT for short.

Two Ground Rules

1. I can't cop out and say "I played poker". If I did indeed play, then I need to find something new in the game that I tried out, or worked on, and document it.

2. Posting to this blog, in and of itself, doesn't count. If the post is reviewing hands from a live game, or working out an equity calculation, then of course that is working on my game (and the blog is just documentation thereof). But whining about all my bad beats or discussing how I three-outed some poor sap in this space isn't working on my game, so it doesn't count.


Today, I watched a StoxPoker video of Matt Bolt 2-tabling 50NL. I also read through the bubble section of the book shown below.

From Holdem Notebook

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