Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finally crushed on Rush.

Finally got stacked hard in Rush. UTG raise, one caller. I squeezed with AKs from the blind. Board is a super dry A 8 5 rainbow. I've got $30 left and $15 is in the pot, so I just stick it in. Both players have flopped sets (55 and 88), ha ha.

Wondering if it's ok to go broke here - I figure it is as my SPR is 2. But I'm not sure as I was playing pretty deep - almost 150 BB.

Whether it's ok or not - still sucks.

I'm finishing January with a great overall month though - 8300 hands played, 4.33 BB/100. Rush poker rules!

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OhCaptain said...

It's hard to tell. AKs is a neat hand, but if you think you are against a pair (or two) you start with a coin flip and the get worse. I hate playing AK behind raises from the blinds. You are behind and missing so much information after the flop. Top pair, top kicker is a sad way to die. :) I really only like AKs if I'm the aggressor or flop more then just top pair.