Saturday, January 30, 2010

woah, HUD on Rush

PokerTracker 3 just released a beta update that supports Rush Poker on Full Tilt. It's pretty impressive to get whisked to a new table and see the HUD change within seconds.

I was surprised to see several opponents where I already had 100-200 hands of history on Rush tables. I was also surprised to see these players, for the most part, playing a squeaky tight 7/4 type of style, and almost never stealing blinds. The HUD helps me avoid making moves on these guys when they come into a pot, of course.

I tested the HUD out with a quick 600 hands. I was a couple bucks down when I stacked someone set over set, and ended the night plus another 20 bucks.

My Rush poker experience has been very profitable - almost 9 BB/100. This rate is obviously unsustainable, but I am wondering if I was limiting my achievable BB/100 by playing the capped game (you can only win so much, after all). My set over set hand won me over 100 big blinds. Of course, I would almost always lose the same amount in the same situation, but the idea is to not lose your stack in the marginal situations, and then win most of the big stacks when you've got the best of it.

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