Monday, January 4, 2010

not much doin tonight

Played 100 hands only. Accidentally logged onto the lower blind levels, then found all my normal tables were full, so I just stayed there.

One donkey gave me fits. Stacked me in hand #3 by hitting a 3 outer. Then slowplayed QQ and stacked me again as I overplayed top pair J. But you had to push your good hands because he would call with anything. He called a river bet with pocket fours on a board where every card was higher than a 4. He called with second pair, third pair, didn't matter. Had to hit a hand and go, and you would get paid off.

I got my two stacks back, ended the night on hand #100 down $2.11. I figure that's pretty good seeing as how my luck ran in that short time.

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