Tuesday, January 19, 2010

practice sessions, and moving some money

Spent the weekend playing some 45-man tourneys. This Friday is our neighborhood monthly, in which the stakes are doubled this month to a $100 buy in. Winning this puppy can add a nice lump to a recreational player's bankroll.

I have done well in this tourney, with three wins and 2 second place finishes in 2 years. I have also placed between 9-12 a couple times - one hand short or so of vaulting into the money.

My practice runs went ok - I finished 9th and 4th in three tourneys (with one bombout). I also chopped for first place in an 18-man. I think I'm ready for the weekend.

Finally, I am expanding my horizons very soon and creating my first account on PokerStars. This will bring about further changes to my game, as Stars doesn't offer the capped no-limit game that I've been playing. I am going to start out at very small stakes under the full 100 big blind buy in and work my way back up to my current stakes.


Memphis MOJO said...

If you're setting up a new account on PS, shouldn't you get a rake-back deal in place?

matt tag said...

there is no rakeback available on Stars - they use their VIP system, which everyone is enrolled into automatically.

Forrest Gump said...

I believe the rake is lower so you're paying less upfront rather than paying more and getting some rake returned to you.

The VIP system has also been revamped quite a bit for 2010. In particular, Silverstar is a very achievable 750VPP's a month now and they also have a new reward system for points you accumulate throughout the year. Make sure you get the 100% deposit bonus Matt.


diverjoules said...

I believe your HUD tool is also NOT allowed on PS.. Just thought I would let you know.