Sunday, January 10, 2010

tourney Sunday

Got myself a nice TV for my office this weekend - now I can play poker and watch sports at the same time! Sweet. I may need to be reminded to leave the office occasionally...

Ha - Anyway, it was Sunday so I chose to play a couple of tourneys. One was the "Big Little" tournament on Full Tilt, which ended up with 23,000 or so players. Finished 9,377th in that one - got all in as a 2-1 favorite and lost it, so can't complain.

Then I fired up a 180 man, $8 buy in tourney, and folded my way through most of it with bad cards. Ended up in the money - finishing 14th for a whopping $18 prize, when my KQs lost to JJ. I actually hit a flush on the river but didn't notice that the board was paired, giving him a full house. This last hand was a truly tough decision - I was last or second to last in chips - an under the gun player limped. His stats were super nitty - like 5/5, but I only had 20 or so hands on him. So am I ahead of his range or behind? In the end, I figured I was probably just about even against his range and still had fold equity, making it a good play. Add to this that I was one of the shortest stacks left, so gambling with KQs can't be the worst spot you can get yourself into.

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Forrest Gump said...

Matt, if you're like me you might find your ROI drops somewhat when watching TV while playing. I still do it though...but I'm aware that i'm not playing my A game and play a little snugger.