Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a truly humbling session

The cash game is supposed to have a lower overall variance than the sit'n'goes, but that doesn't mean you will avoid stretches of bad luck altogether.

Tonight was one such streak. The things that happened to me during my 520 hands wouldn't make the cut as the plot of a sitcom, they were so improbably bad. No real bad beats to speak of. But missed flops, steals raised, big hands that win the blinds and nothing more.

Some obvious examples: I had pocket aces three times in the session. In the first, I won a medium size pot when the flop came all diamonds and I held the Ad. I pushed him out of the pot with a raise on the flop. Very nice.

In the second hand, I had the bullets in the big blind, and everyone folded to me.

In the third, I had the bullets in the big blind, and again everyone folded to me.

Twice! I got a walk with pocket aces two out of the tree times I had them.

There were no flopped sets, nobody was made to pay for limping on my big blind and letting me hit the hidden crap-hand monster. Nobody called my raise with A9 when I had AK, but people called my cbets with third pair when I had nothing. People folded when I hit my top pair/top kicker. The guy who limped with kings let me catch an open ended straight draw but it didn't come when we got all in. Bad players all around me, but nobody paying the price.

I would love for someone to review my hands, because I think I played ok. I didn't tilt. I didn't start playing garbage or changing my hand selection.

The most telling stat - I didn't stack anyone. Not one time. I never got it in good and won, or bad and sucked out. I never won a big pot, but I lost several.

If you look at the very very right side of the graph, you can see the uptick where I won a $2.47 pot when I raised with QT and hit two pair on the turn. I took this tiny little victory and closed Full Tilt like it was malware, down over 4 1/2 buy-ins.

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Forrest Gump said...

I'd be interested in looking at the hands Matt. I find its a worthwhile learning experience for both. You could also post the key hands on 2+2 and ask for (brutal yet honest) feedback.