Sunday, February 28, 2010

gave it a shot

I tried to end the month on a good note - I was in striking distance of erasing my deficit and crawling back to even. It didn't work out. People flopping sets on me (including when I had a set myself), people catching up to me with 2-3 outs, Aces cracked (twice), Kings cracked, losing 70-30 all ins - just your general all-around run of the mill poker disaster packaged into 90 minutes and 616 hands of Rush Poker. Good times all around.

Giving it one more go tonight, but not Rush - back to the 6max ring game for me...

The most beautiful hand in the world is the one that gives you a full house and gives your opponent the nut flush. Had a decent evening session - didn't win back all of my rush poker disaster, but at least I know I can play this game well, occasionally.

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