Monday, March 1, 2010

The new month didn't help

I wonder if Rush Poker is doing something to the online player pool. My .10/.25 game tonight played like something out of a play money game. Raises were three bet routinely. When I three-bet, I got four-bet. cbets are floated with regularity.

Unbelievable frustration. I played 58 hands - fifty-eight! - before posting a win of any kind. No successful steals, no showdown wins, nothing, just down, down, down, until hand 59 when I won the blinds.

Hand 59 didn't start a trend, either. Just another night of being on the wrong side, over and over. I would try a different line and step into a trap. I would slow down and the bad turn card would come.

I'm doing everything possible to work on my game. Reviewing sessions, reading books, articles, forum posts, videos, live coaching, talking poker, thinking poker. Everything. Am I getting any better? Is it just variance? Who can tell?


bastinptc said...

There are plateaus, and you may have hit one. Give the new information you are taking in a chance to settle into second nature.

Forrest Gump said...

A couple of tips Matt:
- turn of the stats. I find i also get annoyed after alot of hands with no progress. Review your stats after a session and concentrate on making good decision.
- sounds like you're getting frustrated. Thought about concentrating on simplifying your game and trying to avoid awkward spots? e.g. defend less from the blinds and try not to play OOP - an ABC, tight preflop positional game is a slow but guaranteed win at the micro stakes.