Sunday, February 14, 2010

one night reprieve from the pain

Had a nice 426 hand session tonight and posted a $28 win. Got lucky in the last 2 hands though only one paid me off. In the first, I iso-raised a loose aggressive player with AQ and flopped a straight, and like is normal lately, won nothing post-flop.

I was admittedly just a tiny bit tilty after yet another big hand going for naught, and on the next hand I raised up a king-nine suited. I was in a wee-bit too early position to play this hand, though, and the button called my raise.

We saw a flop of King-Five-Two, with two clubs. I reminded myself not to go broke on a pair, especially out of position and with a crappy kicker, but I had to bet anyway. The button called. ok, King (probably a better kicker), or a pair under the king who just doesn't believe me. Maybe ace-rag that hit the rag, or hit the gutshot draw. Turn pairs the two - no change in status, but I check to shorten the hand. He fires out half pot and I call. I won't be calling a huge river bet - but then two great things happen:

1) I notice he only has 5.50 left, a half pot bet.
2) I hit my 9 on the river for two pair.

Well, he's not folding any king now. I bet six bucks and he calls. I'm sure he's livid when I reveal my cards and he shows king-jack. I know how he feels.

I take that good fortune as a sign, and hightail it out of the Rush poker room.

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