Saturday, February 13, 2010

forty more

Can't win for losing right now - just paid the poker gods 40 more bucks.

Raised up JJ from early position - a blind defended. He was extremely tight. The board was queen high, and he thought a long time about what to do. Either no queen or a set of queens. He checked. I checked (not sure why, could have cbet).

Turn paired the queen. He thought a long time again, then shoved his last 10 bucks in. Ok, no preflop reraise, so no AA/KK. QQ pretty unlikely now that the other two are on the board. He's got AK or a pair under my jacks. I'm ahead. I call his all in.

He shows AK. Great read by me. Well done sir. Nice hand. Doesn't matter though - he hits one of his six outs on the river.

Couple hands later - pocket kings in the blind. I 3bet a late position raiser. He calls. Board is TT3, and I go broke to jack-ten, badly outflopped. No man's land on that hand - out of position with an overpair. Not sure if I played it like a donkey or not, but it cost me $25 more.

Rough month. Big hands not making any money. Pocket aces four times tonight - won 4 bucks on the four hands. Hit top set, win a buck. Now some suckouts to add to the fun.

I have signed up for some training. I'm sure I've got some leaks right now, even if most of this month is just crazy variance. Or maybe it isn't- maybe I'm playing poorly. I intend to find out.

Edit - jumped into a late, $5 buyin multi-table tourney and got sucked out on there too. Awesome hand, played fine, got my money in good. Make it $45 today and $160 this month. Sigh.


Forrest Gump said...

Matt, i remember this quote "You WILL run worse than you ever thought possible". Many people say take a break, but if you're getting it in good as you say (and not feeling snake-bit), my school of thought is play more and grind your way through it.

Good luck mate.


diverjoules said...

What training? Where? Is there room for me?